Patti Jordan is an interdisciplinary artist, author, and educator working within the realms of visual and media culture. Jordan was instrumental in the successful On-air launch of five cable television stations and companies she has worked for include: ABC TV, CNBC TV, HBO, Lifetime, Sat.1 Sport & News (Germany) and Fox News. As Co-Associate Chair of Visual Studies at LIM College (NYC), she provided leadership in motivating students towards original vision through a broad and diverse range of curricula, from initial concept to final production.

Jordan has shown in over fifty art exhibitions worldwide. Her Solo Exhibition “Visceral Palimpsests” was held at LaGuardia Galleries in 2015. Recent works have been shown in NYC galleries Leigh Wen Fine Art, Ceres Gallery, and The Phatory. Her work is also included in the contemporary drawings collection of the Viewing Program at The Drawing Center (NYC). Jordan was interviewed by Sable Smith for NoTofu Magazine’s spring 2014 issue and by Dania Shihab in 2013 for “One Day You Will Find Me.” She received an Honorarium in 2009 for works included in ““Lineweight,”” a contemporary drawing exhibition held at Truman State University Gallery (Kirksville, MO), and is the recipient of a Ford Foundation Award. Jordan lectures on visual and media culture and her writings have appeared in online and print publications for Bloomsbury Fashion Central, Intellect Journal, AS / Artist Studios, Fashion Mannuscript Magazine, the Women’s Caucus for Art International Caucus and ARTCAT Zine. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors from Pratt Institute and a Master of Fine Arts Summa Cum Laude from Montclair State University.

“"Working with ink, water, graphite and solvent, Patti Jordan squeegees and pushes ink across the surface of large sheets of Fabriano paper. While not producing delicate soulful swoops with a hand-held Chinese brush, Jordan pushes and pulls her medium, coaxing and building the black ink so that it results in bold, textured and abstractly cratered and rippled layers. Creatures, bones, eyes, limbs, and orifices appear, collide and condense on her horizontal and vertical scroll-like pieces, constructions of the imagination, psyche and random gesture.”"

Virginia Fabbri Butera, Ph.D. – Curator, “Pictorial Constructions” (2012)

“Patti Jordan is working in a middle-realm: using printer’s inks, she pulls the ink across the paper’s surface to create beautifully rendered swashes of value and then develops them into organic images using a variety of marks and methods. She, too, often uses her work as a springboard for additional work by printing the verso, or negative image of a photographed drawing.”

Marsha Levin-Rojer – Curator, “Drawing Beyond” (2012)