Patti Jordan is a New Jersey-based artist conflating two and three-dimensional drawing and digital processes. She has exhibited her work throughout the US, England, France, and Korea. Jordan’s most recent Solo Exhibitions are “Exposure 2021” at NYC’s Ceres Gallery and “Subfusc” at Flat Tail Press Gallery (Minot, ND) in 2019. Group exhibitions in NYC include such galleries as Leigh Wen Fine Art, La Galeria, and The Phatory. Aniza Jahangir interviewed Jordan for Alfa Art Gallery, art critic Sable-Smith for No Tofu Magazine, and WMBCTV for Curious Matter’s exhibition, “The Ecstatic.” Her drawings are in the collections of the Walter Piehl Gallery, The Drawing Center’s Viewing Program, and ArtHouse 6 Gallery. She received an Honorarium for a series of works in “Lineweight,” a contemporary drawing exhibition at Truman State University Gallery (Kirksville, MO), and is the recipient of a Ford Foundation Award. Jordan lectures on visual and media culture, and her writings appear in ARTE FUSE, BOMB Magazine, Bloomsbury Fashion Central, Intellect Books, and AS/Artist Studios, among other publications. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors from Pratt Institute and a Master of Fine Arts Summa Cum Laude from Montclair State University and is a member of the Women’s Caucus for Art.


The New Jersey shoreline's mark on my unconscious is indelible and comprises the dichotomies of beauty and affliction; mesmerizing is its waxing and waning tide and the tarry, glistening residue that draws ashore. Etched in memory, I cathartically pour and pull ink across a surface with a metal rule. The reticulation and striations from this back-and-forth motion, "drawing," replicate this nascent experience and materialize as primordial forms.