"Co-Splay" Breast-Plate 001 (Invert 050)  2016

“Co-Splay” Breast-Plate 001 (Invert 050) 2016

"Gender Fluidity in Men's Fashion"

October 2016

Presented “Gender Fluidity in Men’s Fashion – From Shakespeare and the Birth of Modern English to 20th Century Counterculture” at the “Fashion Now and Then – Fashion As Art” Conference and Exhibition, LIM College, New York, NY

Exhibited “Co-Splay Breast Plates 001 + 002 – Medieval to Modern” at “Fashion Now and Then – Fashion As Art” Exhibition.

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"Made in New York" - Women's Group Exhibition

July 1 – August 5 2016
Curator – Carmen Kolodzey

Exhibited a drawing series in “Made in New York” at Avelan’ Arts Annex II, Lavelanet, France

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