Patti Jordan

(Inter-Crosser 002) from the "Hybrids" Series

(Inter-Crosser 002) from the “Hybrids” Series

Art Statement

The Digital Inverts, or Dupes, resemble emulsive prints such as cyanotypes and albumen prints and other 19th century photographic processes. They are deviations from my initial drawings that reference the past and function as shadows of the original works. An essential component in their mirroring processes lies in an implied transition from the corporeal to the spiritual – between conscious and unconscious worlds, in an effort to elucidate inherited or invisible histories. The simple one to two-word naming system correlates to their primordial aspects. In titling each piece, I attempt to describe a simple, guttural translation of form similar to the origins of speech. Pseudo-science functions as subtext to cloak themes of deception and desire.

April 17 - May 15, 2015

DRAWN, The 2nd Annual International Exhibition of Contemporary Drawing-MANIFEST Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

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