Patti Jordan

Patti Jordan

Art Statement

My art practice is two-fold and conflates the performative with the realm of depiction. In reinterpreting printmaking processes, I’m reconstituting printer’s ink and pouring and pulling it across a smooth paper surface with a large metal rule. Drawn simultaneously from both process and phenomena, primordial forms develop and emerge from my substrate. This repetitive action and its ensuing forms connote the layering of present experiences over faded pasts, invoking inherited or invisible histories – a palimpsest of viscera. In the methods of recording or archiving, my titling of the works attempts to describe a guttural translation of form, similar to the origins of speech. In this way, pseudo-science is applied as subtext to cloak themes of deception and desire.

April 17 - May 15, 2015

Exhibiting 2 works in DRAWN, The 2nd Annual International Exhibition of Contemporary Drawing-MANIFEST Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

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