Patti Jordan

(Inter-Crosser 002) from the "Hybrids" Series

(Inter-Crosser 002) from the “Hybrids” Series

Art Statement

In the preliminary stages of image production I’m reconstituting printer’s ink and pouring and pulling it across a smooth paper surface with a large metal rule. This repetitive action and its ensuing forms connote the layering of present experiences over erased histories. In this series I’m merging photographs with the verso or negative image of a photographed drawing. These Digital Inverts and “Dupes” are composite photographs that resemble emulsive prints such as cyanotypes and albumen prints and other 19th century photographic processes. Blurring the boundaries between copy and original, the photographs diverge from their prototype and challenge the primacy of the initial mark, manifest in their digital manipulation and processing. An essential component in this mirroring process is an implied transition from the corporeal to the spiritual, between conscious and unconscious worlds, placing the work within larger frameworks of inquiry. The simple one to two-word naming system correlates to the imagery’s primordial aspects as well as to the act of duplication. In titling each piece, I look to describe a simple, guttural translation of form similar to the origins of speech. Pseudo-science functions as subtext to cloak themes of deception and desire.

April 17 - May 15, 2015

DRAWN, The 2nd Annual International Exhibition of Contemporary Drawing-MANIFEST Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

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