Patti Jordan

"Smooth-Tongue"  (Corpus 028)   2014

“Smooth-Tongue” (Corpus 028) 2014

Artist Statement

I look to challenge the boundaries of traditional art practices and mediums, specifically those related to the act of drawing. In reinterpreting printmaking processes, I’m pouring and pulling printer’s ink across a smooth paper surface with a large metal rule. Recurring images connote hybrid specimens of plant life, insects or bodily viscera. Other drawings appear archaeological – excavated bone fragments come to mind. These varied allusions play between the extremes of the living and the dead, the animate and the reliquary. Polarity is echoed in the strong visual contrasts between black and white, transparency and opacity. Drawn simultaneously from both process and phenomena, the intermediary space that these polarities co-inhabit is a domain that I’m actively investigating. I then photo-capture and digitally invert these images to collect and catalog “versos” of the completed works.

Titles are comprised of both verb and noun, linking drawing to an action and resulting image to an object or ““bi-product”” of the primary action. I denote classifications to underscore biologic references and to subvert the laden emotions in the initial catchword. This dual-coded message creates undercurrents of meaning that inscribe more complex textual experiences. The direct relationship between text, image and viewer is then emphasized.

Link to my recent article from the UN Commission on the Status of Women Conference

March 2014

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Solo Exhibition (Forthcoming)

Forthcoming Solo Exhibition at LaGuardia Galleries, LIC, NY

October 17-December 17 2014

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