‘Cells/Selves’ repeatedly incorporates centralized hybrid forms, signifying embodied presence. In my WETLAB I’m pouring and pulling ink across a smooth surface with a metal rule. The motion is rapid and tension is created by the concurrence of fluidity and precision. Oftentimes obscured or darkened in areas, the resultant imagery alludes to personal identity as shifting through transitory states. This repetitive action and its ensuing forms connote the layering of present experience over indeterminate histories – palimpsests of viscera.

(Zygote 009)
(Zygote 008)
(Zygote 007)
(Zygote 006)
(Zygote 004)
(Zygote 002)
(Epicene Tondo 001)
(Epicene Tondi 002A)
(Epicene Tondi 002B)
(Epicene Tondi 002C)
"False-Face" (Second Sight 001)
"Zero-Sum Game" (Second Sight 012)